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Song: Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe?
Artist: The Dears
Fandom: The Americans (TV)
Links: HERE @ sync_slaying.

Summary: All's fair in love and cold war.

Festivids 2013 Letter

Dearest darling festividder,

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A Vid! For Festivids! I made one.

Fandom: Mission: Impossible Movies
Song: "Black Sabotage"
Artist: DJ Moule (Led Zeppelin + Beastie Boys)
Summary: He Always Accepts

Streaming or download: Here

I had soooooo much fun making this. First vid full of straight up action (and only fourth in general...I reeeeaaaally need to vid more), and first time participating in Festivids so there was some (a lot of) freaking out, but in the end it was a great experience. (Aside from the terrible awful no good very bad computer woes which we shall not speak of ever again. Thank you, Vera x1,000,000. And also for the encouragement and actual film clips from your fancy BluRay clip making device thingo. You are the best.) Also had a blast stealth watching Guess the Festividder; the names that were mentioned in relation to me? I was just like *blink* *blink* Because they were all some of the very best vidders out there. *waynesworldimnotworthy.gif"

So many great vids. BRB watching them all again right now.

Master List (of Stuff That I Have Made).

Mixes, Fic, and Vids. Not in any particular order.

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